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A Cool RnB guitarist that seems forgotten


Gold Supporting Member
I have always dug him. Not a lot of people know about him.


Silver Supporting Member
The king of the Magnatone. He can be heard on some early Wilson Pickett. He made a couple of solo albums back in the 80s I think. Beautiful soulful gospelly sound.


Clouds yell at me
Gold Supporting Member
Sang and played blues both down home and urban, funky stuff, Gospel based R&B.

This one kills me but so many great songs with great playing. I could post several but I'll go with one, at least for now.

Sean Costello did a fine cover of one his songs.


mad dog

Silver Supporting Member
He's been one of my heroes for many years. Unusual, ever so funky sound. So many beautiful and lyrical songs. Been trying to play this for 20 years or so:


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