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Discussion in 'Member Video and Sound Clips' started by glasman, May 18, 2006.

  1. glasman

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    Here are a couple of clips my son Travis "T-Dogg" put together tonight. I thought they sounded pretty good and thought I would share. He is 17 and has played about 3 years.

    The guitar is a Epiphone Sheraton, amp Glaswerks SOD50, 4x12 Cabinet with Emi Wizards. Guitar straight into the amp. Travis calls the amp "The Hulk"


    Let me know what you think....​

  2. glasman

    glasman Guest

    BTW, thanks to Marin and Kirk95 for some nice backing tracks.

  3. Sub-D

    Sub-D Guest

    Cool!! you must be proud!
    He sounds real good, particularly for someone playing three years, already has a real mature tasteful phrasing vibe going and a great tone.......
    I can only imagine how much fun this is for you having your son playing
    guitar and obviously into playing music you dig...
  4. ZiggY!!

    ZiggY!! Member

    Oct 28, 2005
    Wow! thats pretty impressive for a player of 3 years! Great tone too...

    On a side note, are Glaswerks amp sold commercially at all? I really liked that clip! :BOUNCE
  5. glasman

    glasman Guest

    Very proud. He doesn't think he is that good, but I see lots of potential.

    He started out playing music that his age group listened to on the radio but that actually didn't last too long. He moved into listening to Carlton, Ford, Robert Cray and a host of others and those seem to be his favorites right now.

    He holds his own pretty well against the grown-ups at the local jam sessions. He can play a lot of different styles (more than me!) and I think that helps. He has played quite a few gigs with me over the last couple of years and has zero stage fright. If he could sleep with his guitars he would.

  6. glasman

    glasman Guest

    Thanks for the comments. I am sure he will be reading this thread when he gets home from school.

    PM sent on second item.


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