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A couple quick questions about the AVRI 62' strat

I just played one of these guys in the store a couple days ago.
I really liked the vibe of it and the tones seemed quite convincing from what I could tell at lower volumes.
It was brief, and of course playing at louder and more comfortable volumes with a band is where it's at...

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but curious if there is anything that I should be aware of with the strat that might need upgrading. I am willing to put some more money into it, as I would want this to be my #1. Any suggestions with pickups, pots, etc? I also have my eye on the thin skin 61' as well, but won't be able to play it in person, so I think I may just pull the trigger. Just want to make sure I don't return it like most of the guitars I've bought this year :) for reference, some of my favorite strat players are Michael Landau, Matt Schofield, Oz Noy, and Scott Henderson.


The only mod I usually make on Strats is raise the action a little (to around medium high action) and wire the second tone knob to the bridge instead of the middle.

The pots should be fine on it. I believe modern strats use a .05uf cermaic tone cap, although vintage ones use .1uf (from the ones I've seen in the '50s era) so I'd probably do that too just because I love vintage tone. The .1uf were a "phone book" style capacitor, you can find them on Ebay from various makers. Because they are a custom made reissue of the old 50s/60s ones that are no longer in production, they are about $17-$30 a piece.

I would also make sure the tremolo block is a magnetic material as the materials varied a little, but magnetic steel is the correct metal for the trem blocks. There are a few great makers who make the correct ones.
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Joe Perry

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Out of the box you won't need anything. The AVRI's have nice pots and switches. Give the pickups a chance. Play with the heights. You may end up liking them. I have the Suhr ML's (in my Suhr) and think the y have a little "smokier" tone to them.

I prefer a fully grounded and shielded cavity. I try to get them as quiet as possible when idle. Maye add a Suhr/Illitch silent back plate.

It the trem arm "wobble" bothers you maybe a Callaham replacement block?

These are all just minor fine tuning tweaks.

Larry Mal

I "owned" one for a month or so, it had been my buddy's forever, and he gave it to me. He later needed the dough, so I sold it on eBay and gave him the money.

It was hard to do... this was one special guitar, it played great. I own an AVRI Jazzmaster, and a '62 AVRI Telecaster, and I'm a big fan of Fender's reissues.

I actually sold an American Standard Tele and replaced it with the AVRI Tele solely because of how that Strat played.
Thanks for all the advice! I just bought it today. I hope I like it as much as I liked it in the store. I have about a month to decide I guess. It was a risk because I just bought a suhr classic and a nash earlier that I thought I really liked, and then slowly realized it wasn't for me. Can't put my finger on it exactly, but fender just feels a little more like home. Can't exactly explain it...


No need to do much....pickups are awesome too. The only thing I did to mine was to ire the second tone knob to the bridge pickup...this is a must for me.

Larry Mal

Well, I don't know about the Nash, and I could be wrong about the Suhr Classic, but according to something I read on the internet, the Suhr Classic has a compound 10"-13" radius.

If true, then that, among other things, just makes this another jumped up boutique "improvement" to the Strat. There's a million of those out there, but only one Stratocaster, and that's made by Fender.

The AVRI Strat that you have has the classic 7.25" neck radius, which virtually no one outside of Fender typically does. That, coupled with the narrow fret wire, gives vintage Fenders and vintage spec'd Fenders a great feel... comfortable for chording, fingerpicking, and yes, lead playing.

It's quite possible that you, like myself, really like that type of neck. So you likely wouldn't get that with a Suhr or a Nash (but maybe), what you'd get is just another variation that looks like a Strat.

For the record, though, I have a G&L Legacy that is my only variant of a Strat, and it has a 12" radius. I thought I wouldn't like that, but I do... so I'm not bad-mouthing other interpretations of Strat-type guitars.

But a vintage spec'd Strat is a wonderful thing, there's more to it than the name on the headstock, no matter what geeks on internet sites and cork-sniffers will tell you.


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I've had an AVRI for almost 20 years now. I've only done a couple mods to it.

I put Texas Specials in years ago, but recently went back to the 57/62 pickups to bring the guitar closer to stock (the original pups are long gone). I think you get a little more chime out of the 57/62's, but I wish I would've had the bridge pup wired to the tone pot. It's too bright for my tastes. I've considered swapping it out for a blade style humbucker. I love the neck and middles settings on a Strat, but the bridge pup solo'd has never done anything for me. I probably could've saved my $$$ and left the Texas Specials in there...

The only other mod I've done is replace the stock saddles with Graphtechs. Way back when, my old saddles were corroded and I broke a lot of strings. The Graphtechs solved that.

A lot of people say they 'rob tone' or whatever, so recently I switched the Graphtechs out for a newer set of the vintage style saddles. Yech! I *hated* playing the guitar (my #1 since I bought it in '93) and couldn't figure out why until I put the Graphtechs back on. They mellow out the tone in the perfect way. To me, they are a tonal enhancement, at least on my particular Strat. YMMV.

I have also spent a lot of time futzing around with pickup height, string gauge, action and trem setup. Strats generally reward that kind of tinkering.

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