a couple tips from your uncle tom bukovac


hey cats....i don't normally post much on here, but i feel like i have to tell you guys about a couple things i recently discovered in the world of guitars.
first off let me state up front that i have NO personal affiliation with either of these products. i swear i have NO alterior motives behind the shameless public endorsements contained herein....i'm only telling you about them cuz i think they are both totally f**king cool!

the first one is "guitar aficionado" magazine.....it just came out recently, i think they are on their fourth issue.
PLEASE PLEASE check this out and don't let this magazine fade into oblivion.
it is the FIRST guitar magazine ever that doesn't suck.
it is written for dudes, adult players who are into things like great wine, cars, houses, AS WELL AS awesome old guitars. it's NOT aimed at 13 year olds like every other guitar mag out there, i think it's brilliant.
very classy and very sexy, well written and researched articles....a lot to learn about many different types of things in every issue.
my girlfriend bought me a subscription for xmas....i might have to keep her around just for that. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND CHECK IT OUT....you will totally dig it.

the other thing is the new little roland micro cube amps.....i recently went on a trip out of the country and started shopping around for a very small amp that would literally fit in my suitcase that i could take with me. i stumbled upon this little wonder....you can buy them for 120.00 new. these little amps are a TOTAL BLAST... so fun and inspiring to mess around with.... 5 or 6 different amp models, built in effects like reverb, delay, tremolo, flange etc....it sounds KILLER and it's only 7 pounds. you can carry it anywhere, runs on either a power supply or batteries. coolest thing you could ever do with 120 bucks besides....well......that's a whole other story!! see ya later


thanks for the info tom.........

(also, hello from your frozen hometown, cleveland.........)

big jilm

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Love my Micro Cube! My main home practice amp. I'll check out the magazine, too - but the MC is a great little amp for quiet time at home, road, or anywhere?


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The micro cube...I use it for camping

If the campground isn't full most times folks stay far away when they see me. It's great!!

Hey Tom, I bought your '57 ES-350t when you had it on ebay a few years back


Hey Tom,

Great to hear from you, man! At first I fought GUITAR AFICIONADO--knee-jerk reaction was that I couldn't care less about what some rich Napa winemaker has in his collection. Then I dug a little deeper and found at least one or two articles per issue I really dug--1) Eric Johnson's current line-up, 2) an article featuring a couple of Rich Robinson's guitars, and 3) a little side-bar about a pink Gretsch made for Boz Boorer.

It is by far printed on the best stock and is a coffee table magazine you wouldn't be embarassed to leave lying around. I can only imagine it will get better with each future issue.


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Sounds like sage advice. I checked out GUITAR AFICIONADO. I found the stock too thick and the magazine too hard to hold up with one hand. Love the pictures though...


Yo, TB
Am hip to Git Fish
Premier Guitar is pretty good, too…

Coupla things:
1) Somewhere’s online it’s mentioned that your Princeton is not stock… Care to elaborate?
2) Please, pretty please, put the garage slide improv vid back up…


I will surely check it out but I really look forward to my Vintage Guitar magazine when it arrives every month. I also used to enjoy Tonequest report but thought it was too expensive for a 15 page leaflet. Guitar Player has lost my respect.

Grant Ferstat

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Guitar Aficionado and Fretboard Journal both get a lot of reading at my place.


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+1 for putting that garage improv back up. I liked it enough to bookmark it and when I went back to play it again it was gone. To make amends Tom, at least let us know what rig you were using. I think you were using a 335 with ???.

I'll also check out Guitar Aficionado.


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I'm a foodie and the GA cover with Tom Colicchio from Top Chef sold me.
Totally cool mag, if even in the way that the Robb Report is still cool to look at if your family name doesn't end in -afeller or Gates...
Cubes are the coolest sounding little amps ever, especially at the price point!

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