A Custom-Slothead Jumbo I spec’d In Vietnam

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    May 18, 2012
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    This is a new guitar even though I bought it 12 or 13 years ago in Vietnam.
    It has been in the case over a decade.

    I spec'd the design. 20 frets, slot-head, full-size Gibson Jumbo. Barn door Fishman pick-up. Cedar top & Cambodian Rosewood back and sides. Maple neck, Ebony fret-board and

    Mr. Binh built it but the bridge was far too high. When I pulled it out of
    the case—the saddle & the bridge were way too high for my weak fingers.

    So I gave it to a local guy to sand the bridge & saddle. He did a beautiful job
    but it took him almost a damned year!

    Anyway - this is a unique guitar - a Gibson-size jumbo w/slot-head & Venetian cutaway.

    Cedar top. Cambodian Rosewood back & Sides, 20 fret slot-head, Ebony finger-board
    & bridge, Maple neck. Grover Stay-Tite Tuners lock it in tune beautiully.





    Joinder between the Cambodian Rosewood & the Maple neck. Beautiful job here.


    Finally, the bridge. I think I still have room both on the bridge & on the saddle


    I spec’d the bling on the back too. Two dragons at war w/each other.
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