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A fairly scientific comparison of 2 vibroluxs'


One is a 1 year old clone, the other a '66 with recent cap job. Both have identical speakers, and old RCA tubes. Biased the same.

The clone: rich, articulate creamy.

The '66: more harsh and brittle, but has its charms. More trebly.

The fave to me is the clone for sure after months of comparing.

The only difference is Mercurys in the clone as far as I can tell. I swapped the pre amp tubes back and forth to isolate that factor.

It would seem to be the Mercury output trans thats adding a little extra sonic quality?


Platinum Supporting Member
I wonder about the caps and resistors. SLightly different values, perhaps?

Would be really cool to swap the OTs to see of the tone followed.


Gold Supporting Member
not to be a ball-buster, but did you do a double-blind listening test?
just curious.


who made the clone?[/QUOTE]

Mike Cucci @ Chicken Pickin Amplification in NJ.

And I dont think the blind test is needed here because I have noticed the difference ever since I got the '66 Vibro, about a year ago. And I sort of wanted the '66 to sound better because....it cost 25% more!

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