A Few More Original Instrumentals...


Got some feedback and some new views on the tracks I shared in my "Dime That Pig" post from last week, so I have a few more originals to share...

I will reiterate from that previous post...I'm by no means a shredder or anything...just a guy that likes to play guitar with no grand illusion of ever becoming anything more than that! (Basically just gives me a justification to buy nice guitars and stuff like that! :D LOL )

As always, I'd welcome comments and feedback...and it'd be awesome if y'all checked out other videos on my YT channel - I just started it a little while back and am always looking to grow it anyway I can. I may post a couple more later on down the road!

Thanks guys!


This one is "Let The Expletives Fly"...

This one is "So The Story Goes"...

and this one is "Roller Rink King"...

Also, if interested in checking out the bandcamp site where all my stuff is available for free download where I donate all proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, you can go here: https://ericjasonbrock.bandcamp.com
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