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A Fun Remix of a 2 Year Old Project With New Gear


This week a client requested that I remix a track because the picture at this particular venue installation had been changed, and they wanted the track to be edited and remixed without certain sound effects and/or moving sound effects to match the new picture.

So it was a chance to use a lot of recently acquired gear, such as the Neve summing mixer, the new API plugs, etc., in a real-world situation where I'd used different gear and other plugs almost two years before on the same tracks. I also employed my recently acquired JJP plugs, the API 550b and 2500 on guitars, and the JJPs on bass and drums.

But I didn't change the levels of the tracks, just the processing and the summing mixer, and moved some sound effects around, etc. Nor did the processing I did before change much in terms of settings; I used very similar settings, simply substituting more recent developments in software and hardware.

The sound of the new tracks was a huge improvement, so much so that the client emailed me and said so.

The API Waves stuff made the guitars literally pop in the mix, the JJP was perfect for bass and drums, and I have to say that I was thrilled with the result. The summing mixer allowed me to achieve a noticeably more open yet punchier mix than I'd gotten with my old 64 input console 2 years ago.

And I used the Flux limiter on the overal mix where before I'd used the L2.

Listening to the finished product and comparing it to what I'd done before was indeed an ear-opening experience.

Even after 20 years in the business, I'm still inspired by new tools, and finding new ways to improve the work. It's a lot of fun! I still love being in the studio.


>>can you give us a clip of before and after? Would be cool to hear it.<<

Assuming the client authorizes me to release it, I'll be happy to post a link. They own the track, so I need permission. I don't think they'll have a problem with it, but I am required to ask first. They'll probably ask me to simply wait until it's up at the venue.

>>What're the JJP plugs, Les?<<

They're the Waves Jack Joseph Puig set, emulations of Pultec and Fairchild. I absolutely love them on lots of tracks, especially drums, piano and bass.

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