A good recording of Marcus Miller


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The music is a little different for Marcus, but I think this is the best live recordings of his bass I've heard. That top end sparkle doesn't always come through. Turn it up and crank the bass a little and I think you can get a sense of what it must be like sitting in front.

The orchestra works for this tune, in this setting, for me. I guess the joke he made about "not being prepared for an encore" was probably a nod to how much work it was to score everything.


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I absolutely love Marcus and have a couple of his cds.

This tune (I can't recall the name) is on one of them. However, it doesn't have this orchestra backing him.

Wonderful video, thanks.

Sam Sherry

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Anybody who guided Miles through the making of Tutu, his last great musical leap forward, gets thanks forever.

On top of that Marcus is one of the top three bass clarinet players in jazz history!

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