A Great Amp with No Power Tubes -Jeff Bober

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    Maybe I'm being redundant....but...

    Jeff Bober's new East Studio2 Handwired Amp is a incredible cool concept well designed and produced.

    This 2 Watt (huh?) amp is a toneful piece of gear.

    This can drive a cab of be plug right to the input of another amp with a line out pot level control.

    I can be as loud as a 10 watt amp (IMHO) and has some excellent vibe.

    3 tubes in the preamp section (12ax7's) and 2 tubes(12at7's) and a rectifier tube (5u4) in the amp section.

    It is a great addition to my collection and a great new flavor to enjoy!


    btw - it weighs less than 20 pounds!

    another pic to show the size -

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