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A great problem to have: empty slot on my pedalboard. Help me fill the void!


Gold Supporting Member
So after devising a method to mount my buffer underneath my board, I now have an MXR sized empty "parking space" on the top of my board. What a great excuse to get yet another pedal!

This board is my "rock" board. It's going into my Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary w/EL34s. So just with the amp alone, I've got Clean, high gain, and lead tones covered.

Here's what's on my board: (in order)
• Buffer
• Polytune
• Barber Tone Press Compressor
• Crybaby 535Q Wah Wah
• Boss CE2 Chorus (rehoused)
• Wampler Plexi Drive (for mid gain tones)
• Boss DD20 Delay

What am I missing here? Maybe an octave? Would a fuzz work well in this situation? Is there some sort of "staple" pedal that I'm completely overlooking? :huh


Senior Member
I like reverb a lot. Maybe a TC electronics HOF? That's what I would do anyway, versatile board though.


Gold Supporting Member
Thanks for the suggestions guys, you rock! Keep em coming. In the meantime, I'll do some research on the suggested pedals.


You could get something like the Jack Deville Mod Zero or wait for the new Diamond Quantum Leap. Maybe a second, analog delay? Something simple like a CMATMODS Deeelay or Malekko 616. There are lots of fun fuzz pedals out there.

You really seem to have all you need. Maybe save the money and buy another guitar or amp instead!

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