A little different approach to amp modeling...


Short and "honest" presentation, not masked with any effects. The goal was to get voice like, crisp, throaty, rich, unprocessed, low to mid gain, single coil sound for blues, rock and country, that will cut through my speakers/mix like a real amp (be careful ;-).

Still, there are many variations that can be achieved with OverDrive Styler. What you hear, is very "emphasized" setting and it can sound much "less" profound if you need.
It can add an extra quality/variation to any modeler I use, and I can also put it between my modeler and FRFR, with no need to disengage mic simulation if I like that tone. I just boost/adjust the mids and quickly bring the body, size and weight back to the sound. This is just a simple example using one (very good) free VST plugin.

I plan to make different IR (digital speaker cabinets) to be used with different guitar pups selected. They are all "hand made" based on the best guitar tones (to my taste) that I have found on different recordings.

Link to Overdrive Styler thread.

Many thanks, Zoran

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