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  1. ajschultz23

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    Jan 30, 2012
    Hows it going everyone..

    ive learned plenty from threads like these but never have really used one.

    I want to get some opinions on my set up, see what you guys would do compared to me.

    i have a two standard american strats :)
    and a marshall MA100h head :(
    on one 1960a cabinet :)

    i could use a new head but hey, it works for now..

    my signal goes:

    strat // boss cs3 compression // crybaby classic wah // wayhuge swollen pickle(fuzz) // fulltone OCD(drive) // then to my amp, and out the FX loop too // moog filter // moog ring mod // MXR analog chorus // MXR carbon copy delay // and lastly through a rc-3 boss looper pedal.

    i only know what i have taught myself online and experimenting, so any help would be awesome.



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