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A moment or two of sympathy for GC


Some customers will actually accept this answer and return anyway.

Hard to say for certain how much money he made off them in the past, or whether the owner would just rather let it get around he was a tough, no compromises retail store.

I'm gonna try not to be too judgmental of that store. There's strengths and weaknesses to GC's anything goes return policy. I have seen people buy sound systems, use them over an extended weekend then return them to GC and they had worked great, best I could tell. It sure would be hard for a mom and pop to have this kind of return policy right next door to GC, but they're never going to be everywhere.

What is this shop going to do with 2 year old upright bass strings? I don't want them.

Our shop does have a no questions asked return policy. If the item appears new, we return it with no penalty, within our 30 day return policy described explicitly on the receipt. I know I would never as a consumer expect any store big or small to break policy for my own wrong doing of not making up my mind on my purchase in the more than generous return period.

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