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A nice visit to Mojo Hand FX


Silver Supporting Member
I went home to visit my parents in Port Arthur and thought I would give Brad Fee at Mojo Hand Fx a call see if I could drop by. Brad is about 50 miles away. I had not seen him since the pedal fest that Eric-d hosted in Houston many years ago.
Brad was a great host. It was nice to see him again and see how nice the shop is set up. Like me ,Brad has 4 kiddos, both of our oldest just graduating from HS. It was good to just chat family.
After much salivating, I tried out some pedals. I loved the Bluebonnet and the Odessa. In the end , I chose the Odessa and got a cool shirt. The bluebonnet will come later.
Of course this thread is worthless without pics, but I did not want to impose on Brad.
For those of you who already know, he is a great guy who stands behind his great products.


Gold Supporting Member
Thanks for posting the experience ... Family, Kids, and a shared Music Experience is Priceless. It is a great sign when a business owner takes such pride in their work and, in a display of hospitality, opens their doors allowing us a glimpse inside.

+1 The Iron Bell -- My daughter loves it as well, "Can I step on the Pink one? It is so noisy daddy". LoL :D
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Last Nerve

Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart.
Gold Supporting Member
Brad is an all-around excellent dude.
Just great to see his success.
Every MojoHand I've tried has indeed rocked!

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