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Need some help with my fuzz situation.

Seems like ive always grabbed the Big Muff type fuzz but here it goes...

I was playing around with my Wren and Cuff Tri Pie 70, which is a take on the old 70's triangle muff. OK, through both my amps (Carr rambler and Matchless Spitfire) it just didnt get me inspired. I found that where I liked it most was with the fuzz not all the way up, volume up most of the way, and with the tone knob around 3 oClock. HOWEVER, when I really tried to really dial it in for my tone, it got a bit too trebly/shrill for my taste. Ive tried other fuzzes to get me that Warmer tone, but it just seemed to get lost in the mix.

So, what I am not getting about fuzz? Perhaps is it that I am just not a fuzz type of guy? I dont play much Hendrix or any other type of classic fuzz type tones either.

Here are the lists of the fuzz that I have owned/tried:

Musket V1
Swollen Pickle (Liked the most, just not comfy with that much real estate)
Lovepedal 200lbs and Morph Fuzz
Monsterpiece fuzzes
adnd some others I cant remember....

Perhaps fuzz just isnt for me, and I am just trying to get some type of distortion tone, and should just grab a distortion box......


I suggest you try some tonebender styles, I really like the Skinpimp MKIII. If you want a distortion that will go from medium gain all the way into fuzz territory, the VFE Alpha Dog is a great pedal.


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Do you have an OD pedal feeding into it? I've been happy with the results I've gotten feeding a TS-type pedal into a Muff, with both pedals set to low gain; Tubescreamers are really good for toning down the treble to get a smooth, warm feel.


Coopersonic Valveslapper Distortion. Perfectly walks the line between fuzz and distortion. Mine came in last week (I ordered it from Gspot Music on ebay--great service!) and I've been playing with it nonstop. Gearmanndude did a video review on it, but IMHO it doesn't really do it justice. The thing sounds absolutely MASSIVE and can do a really great fuzzy drive that sounds like it would be perfect for you. Plus it has tubes in it, and you can't go wrong with tubes...;) Not to mention it has the best graphics ever.


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What didn't you like about the Musket? That's what I would've recommended. The Blunderbuss might be a good choice, depending on what you didin't like about the Musket. I bet W&C makes something Swollen Pickle-y... -E


Ptd mini bone

Its plenty warm and fuzzy buy still manages to cut, not very high gain, a lot of clear guitar comes thru when you dig in. Can get a bit hvy not to mention the "bone" weirdness it does. Its one of those happy pedals thats on about 3/4 of the time.


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I think I'm in a similar boat. I don't go for the fully gained up fuzz tone. I'm usually trying to dial mine back a bit. I found the 3OD to have a lot of versatility. I'm even working with Mark on a low-gain version. Moving forward for me there is a place for a couple fuzzes in my line-up but I am in the overdrive/boost camp more than anything else. I get the feeling you are a pinch more on that side of things too.


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Or, maybe you're right - you're not a fuzz guy. I'm not. I just finished trying a few out.

The distortions that have a fuzz element sound like a good recommendation. I sold a 1981 Rat, regrettably. It had some decent fuzz tone. You can check it out on YouTube by searching 'adcantor'. Let me know if you cant find it. The JAM rattler video also shows some good fuzz tones.


When it comes to fuzz, there are so many variables that go into getting a good tone...

For big muff types, try a strat going into a clean fender amp. A twin reverb will give you incredible results.

For fuzz face types, I use the neck pickup on a LP through my cleanish matchless chieftain.

My favorite is tone bender inspired fuzzes using the middle position or bridge pickup of an LP through the chieftain, clean.

For crazier stuff, like super fuzz variants, a clean fender amp works best for me.


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You might look into a Black Arts Pharaoh fuzz. I can't get a shrill tone out of mine, but it has no problem cutting through a loud band mix. Super thick and smooth.

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