A Question about New Jersey


Another thing people don't know about Jersey is that North Jersey and South Jersey can be two totally different places, even though they are in the same state.

For example, they couldn't have casted Jersey Shore with people from South Jersey, that's totally a North Jersey thing.
Right, if they were filming a sequel to Deliverance, it's a different story. ;)


there are only about ten states i could live. new jersey is one of them.


I imagine Curley Howard saying it like that. Many of my friends from there said it like that but only as an exaggerated parody. Kinda like I did.
LOL at Curly...

Also...it rhymes with the capitol of Idaho


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If it is such a great place, why do Bruce and John want to get out of there so bad?
Seem to me both have been there for a very long time. In fact both have been in NJ for pretty much their whole lives. Pretty absurd to use them possibly leaving after 69+ and 57+ years to explain why the place is bad.

When I graduated school and moved to NYC a long time ago I'd likely have said "I'll NEVER move to NJ" but we escaped the big city for Somerset County in '01 and other than the commute to NYC (which really sucks) I have nothing bad to say about the choice.
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The real issue is the drivers. I never thought anyone could top Boston drivers...but then came NJ. Driving as contact sport

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Grew up in Hunterdon Co., went to Lawrenceville Prep and my folks live on LBI now. NJ is vastly misunderstood and I was fine with it when I lived there or nearby and went to see my folks all the time. Nowadays, living in AZ, I never want to go back to NJ for reasons (other than climate) we can't discuss here. My folks come visit me here for Xmas to escape the cold. I hope to stay away from the East Coast for the rest of my life. If my folks pass at the same time, I will have to move back for a good six mos. to handle their estate. Otherwise, never going back.

Oh, and I was never a Springsteen or Bon Jovi fan at all. I still don't get how Springsteen is so big. I went to school with one of his keyboard players' kids during the Born in the USA tour. He always had the newest, greatest swag, but I just didn't understand it. I was firmly into VH at that time. The only connection I ever had to Bon Jovi was a guy in the video for In and Out of Love was horribly injured in a car accident at a local high school football game.

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