A song for a film...


fire hydrant
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I'm a complete amateur, so take this for what it's worth:

Loved the overall vibe of the song, great tempo too
The vocals, great delivery...man, I wish my voice sounded that good!
Love the guitar tones - real amp? if you say modeler, I need to know what it is!
Nice live feel, serves the song well
I like what I hear from the drummer - especially that snare and the echo? on it in the verses

I listened via cheap PC speakers and not very loudly either, so the mix may be drastically different elsewhere with better speakers/an actual stereo system/louder...LOL. Everything was well balanced except for the rhythm guitar track to my ears, it was just slightly too forward in the mix at times. That may just be due to the fact that it's holding down the mid range frequencies the most and it giving the audible illusion of being louder. The instrumental section mid-song - the keyboards could add something more/come in earlier, and/or throw some of the same type of guitar work that is at the front of the song - or both!

Great song...one for a road trip mix, I mean that in the highest of praise!


Thanks a lot kev, I/we appreciate that a lot. The amp is a Champ II that is just awesome. I may add a little something to that middle section.

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