A Strat that feels like a '52 Reissue Tele


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So, I recently got a 1992 '52 Reissue Tele. If you've ever played a guitar and gone this is the perfect neck for me, you know how I feel. I'm more comfortable on this neck then I ever have been. I've never really been a Tele guy, but now she's all I want to play.

Now to the bad part, my EJ Strat's neck feels ridiculous in my hands and I want to be able to transition seamlessly between my Strat and Tele. My '77 LP is the same, but I haven't come to terms with the fact hat I might need to replace her yet. But, if the new '52 Reissues are the same as my '92 they are a U-Shaped Neck with a 7.25 radius.

I've never seen a U-shaped Strat. What Strat neck shape is similar? If I have to go Custom Shop I can, I just need to figure out what is going to suit my needs and keep everything nitro.

I appreciate all your help. If you know an LP neck that fits the same specs, let me know for future reference. Also, if you have something to offer that fits my needs, hit me up; i've got cash or trades.


I have heard of a mythical creature custom shop strat with a nocaster neck. I think that it is one of the bigger Fender CS dealer special order. There out there but ya just have to find em. Can someone help me out with this one??


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The Music Zoo is the only dealer I know of that stocks the NoNeck Strats.


Cool Strats...I owned one but it just didn't feel right with medium jumbo frets on a 9.5" radius...the frets kind of got in my way. If they'd ever get a few with vintage style frets & 7.25" radius my credit card would probably get damaged ;).

Even though it's not a U neck, I really like the chunky C neck of my '62 Hot Rod Strat...its 9.5" radius and larger than vintage frets seem easier to deal with and and it's half the price of a NoNeck.


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about the 7.25 radius neck and the small vintage frets on my CS Nocasters. This is the big round deep neck, kinda narrow at the nut. Not sure I would make a neck like this if I was setting out to design a guitar. But like these necks more and more as I play them. The way you can slide notes and chords and bars up and down this neck is too much fun.

And now when I go back to the thin modern neck of my American Deluxe Strat, it does seem mighty flimsy. (But it's still a good player and I am glad to have it.)

Good luck on your quest.


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I have the 52 RI Tele and an EJ. I love both. Just got a 62VHR Strat with the larger "C" shape -- it's not on par with the Tele's "U" but it's much closer than the EJ. It has medium jumbos and 9.5" radius, so that may not be to your liking. To me, the rosewood and maple necks are different creatures and having different necks don't bother me as much. Anyway, you may want to check that one out the 62VHR if you don't go the custom order route. Don't worry about what anyone else suggests, find what you want and don't settle for less. Good luck.

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