A Tribute To Mark E Miller(RIP) of The Toy Killers

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    I'm just putting this here in case anyone is interested in this stuff. I am certain most folks on here won't be.

    Mark E Miller was one of the two main members of The Toy Killers. The other was Charles K Noyes. I only became familiar with the band when a friend of mine released a compilation of their work a few years ago. I knew about CK Noyes from his work with Elliott Sharp and Henry Kaiser.

    If you like Carbon, Material or any other rock/jazz/skronk hybrids from the same era in NY, you may like this.

    Miller and Noyes were the core of the band. Other musicians who play on assorted tracks on this record include: John Zorn, Elliott Sharp, Bill Laswell, Arto Lindsay, Wayne Horvitz, Michael Beinhorn, Nicky Skopelitis

    Derek Bailey is said to briefly appear on one of the tracks but is not credited. The story I heard is that he hit a few notes that can be barely heard, but became disgusted and walked off.

    Here is the band camp page, with preview tracks:


    I would imagine Wayside and Downtown Music Gallery still have hard copies.

    tribute to Mark E Miller by the guy who put the compilation out:

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    I dig the meloday in that song. It has quite a groove as well.
    It was right up there with Complete, another band I learned about here.

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