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Sold A.Y.A R-Comp (Aya Japan Compressor)

TD Moyer

Silver Supporting Member
Aya R-Comp (Ross/DynaComp style Compressor/Limiter)
$99 including USPS Priority shipping and PayPal fees.

A well loved (and well-used as you can see) Aya R-Comp compressor!
Lots of pro players and videos to attest to the sound of this little guy...essentially an audiophile version of the classic Ross and DynaComp compressor that provides a more transparent compression and works quite well as a clean boost.

From Aya's site;
AYA Tokyo Japan/R-comp is noted for its fat and warm sound, low noise, compact size, and true-bypass.
A carbon composition resistor is used to make a high quality sound. High-quality parts are used (Vishay, Mallory, ERO)
It uses the same kind of Harris parts used by Ross, DynaComp ( Harris Linear/Intersil's CA3080E)
Internal wiring uses BELDEN cables with points by General Electric.
Four kinds of solder by KESTER to control tone quality (e.g.,vintage Kester, special-order Kester, Kester R44)
Reverb link: https://reverb.com/item/34330056-aya-r-comp-ross-dynacomp-style-compressor-limiter

Opening up trades to see what's out there...

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