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    I just joined the Forum and so here's the latest news from AA.

    We have been working with Supervising Sound Mix Joseph Magee over at Sony Pictures to build him an M49 replacement as he has the use of two really nice original M49 microphones for comparison. Robbie Nelson at RAK in London is also Beta testing a prototype CM49.

    We send Joseph a CM49 to Beta test last October and he was extremely happy with the results and told me the CM49 was spot on.

    The CM49 has the same Class "A" CCDA circuit we use in all our tube microphones. We use a very HiFi output transformer that has dual bobbin topology with bi-metal laminations with a more "modern" sound than the BV8.

    Unlike the TLM49 the CM49 uses a traditional transformer coupled class "A" tube circuit that has even better spec's than the original M49.

    The CM49 has our AK47 capsule which is an exact reproduction of the original K47 used in the M49's made after 1958. The CM49 has 9 patterns selectable from the power supply and it has the traditional M49 trapezoidal head grill.

    We will have the body components arriving in 10-14 days to start being able to assemble some and get a picture for the web-site.

    Congratulation to Robbie Nelson for his Grammy Win for the Best engineered record of 2014. Our CM67se was used to record some of the vocals on a new Bryan Ferry recording session. It was used on the vocals of Lee Ann Womack that was also nominated for Best Engineered Recording Grammy but lost to the incredible Beck album recorded at RAK by Robbie.

    John Smeltz picked up one of our CM251 microphones and is using it to record Jill Scott. Jack Douglas has also bought two CM251 microphones from us.

    Gary Belz from House of Blues bought 6 tube microphones from us recently and we are also working with him to build a replacement for RAP's favourite 800g microphone that can be produced at a more reasonable price. The prototype we sent was just used to record Juicy J and Gary and Juicy were very happy with the results.

    We will be going to the MUSIK MESSE Trade Show in Frankfurt to show our microphones. Come by and visit us at Musik Messe which takes place April 16th to April 17th in Frankfurt Germany.

    I am so excited my friend Naill is arranging to take me to visit Abbey Road while we are in London. Another check off the old Bucket List!!!!

    A Great thrill!!! I got to speak briefly with one of my hero's Al Schmitt at the AES show and we talked about Al working with my friend Ralph Dyck who programmed the AFRICA sequencing before MIDI and my brief encounter recording Diana Krall for her first live radio show. Al has recorded 12 records for Diana and won several Grammy's doing it. He is a lovely man who is in his early 80's. When I gave him the news that Ralph died last year at the age of 71. Al replied, "So Young"!!!!

    Cheers, Dave Thomas
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