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Aaargh! Need more gain-please help me pick another OD


Almost as good!
Gold Supporting Member
Guitar: Esquire with Fralin SP42 p'up

Amp: Top Hat Club Deluxe 1x12 combo-2 6V6, "vox-ish" preamp, English Greenback. Has great upper mid presence that can clash with the wrong dirt pedal.

Other dirt pedals: Barber LTD SR (love it!), Lovepedal 200Lbs, Catalinbread Super Chile Picoso, Sub Decay Liquid Sunshine.

The need: More crunchy gain for cover band (mostly classic rock, but some 80's-90's) and worship band (need the modern rock sound). The Barber stays as my low gainer, love that pedal. The LS is good but there is some overlap with the SR. They do stack well together, but I would prefer to assign a single pedal for this role.

The Candidates:
Skreddy Screwdriver-would this be too "retro" for the modern rock stuff?
Jetter Gain Stage Green- I can't access the soundclips on the website here at work, but will listen later. Possibly too "over the top"?
Barber Custom SS-Pro Guitar video demo is great. I know I like Barber products. Possible concern-too many tweak options that I will continually be messing with.

I will listen to other suggestions and appreciate them, but I'm hoping for some real feedback on these 3 options.

Many thanks!


I don't have experience with any of the above pedals, though I hear good things about the Skreddy.

I would suggest you listen to:
Keeley Modded MT-2 (will do classic to modern rock/metal with ease).
Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde (Two in one, also very versatile).
Wampler pedals... also worth a look.


If you like Marshall flavour high gain distortion then get a Crunchbox. Great pedal, perfect for classic rock and only $100 on Ebay.
Has a ton of gain and if you mid scoop it with a good EQ pedal it'll turn into the best metal pedal there is too :AOK


Silver Supporting Member
The Barber Custom SS would be a great choice. The tweakability is on the inside of the pedal (i.e. hard to get to) so you might not find yourself tweaking it much.


With the fact that your amp can be fussy about cirtain pedals and since you like your current Barber so much, I'd try the Barber DDSS first and see if you can dial it in to your rig.

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