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About grain-filler


More a story than a question. I went into a Chicago hardware the other day looking for grain filler and they had none. But the guy told me had worked in the Washburn factory back in the day and that all they ever used was the regular water-based wood filler (for the big holes) diluted with more water (for the grain). That was for every guitar. What say ye, guitar guys?
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I've used StewMac's water based filler and it's easier than oil that's for sure. I had no problems at all with it. It's easier to color too IME.


Silver Supporting Member
I've only used ReRanch's oil based filler, and it works well. The guys over at TDPRI and the ReRanch forum have used all kinds of things, though. Timbermate, drywall compound, eggs, everything.


ML Cambell makes a great oil based. It is the right color for trans ash finishes. I have tried the water based and it turned gray when dried. Also, hard to sand it with a power sander as the vibrations can shake it out. We all find what works for us through trial and error!

Jonny Hotnuts

Shoot a single mid-heavy coat of Lawrence-McFadden R-1778 or F-7998 and hit it with the lamp. You could also use R-1775 if you dont have UV capabilities.

This is what fender replaced Fullerplast with. No need to fill grain or shoot multiple coats, big dings pre fill with bondo (seriously) and do a solid. After cure level sand and shoot colors.

Stain the body yellow first if you want to keep it real (and if you are doing a vintage fender or similar) :)

GOod luck,


Mighty Melvin

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When I was first researching this, people were saying to use Bartley Paste Grain Filler, of which I bought a small can. It's more of a thin gel. In fact it resembled Pratt and Lambert E36, which when I lived up north the local old paint store had cases of it (discontinued) in the basement for a few bucks for a gallon can.....

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