AC/DC (ex) drummer Phil Rudd sentenced to 8 months home confinement



There probably wasn't any doubt about his fate but Phil Rudd is clearly upset by the lack of support, professional or personally, from his longtime bandmates. Despite my love for the band, their history clearly demonstrates that the Young brothers don't do sentiment (except, perhaps, for Bon Scott) and that they can hold a grudge or even develop one out of thin air (eg Mark Evans).

The dichotomy among the public re: AC/DC is interesting. Non-musicians see iconography: Angus Young's uniform, frantic moves, striptease, etc. and to a lesser extent Brian Johnson's flat-cap cab driver persona, gravelly vocals and the concerts' stage props. Musicians, on the other hand, rightly obsess over Malcolm's 'best right hand in the business' and Phil Rudd's inimitable loose-but-solid groove.

I'm grateful they're carrying on but sad the heart and soul can never return.

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