AC15CC Questions, HELP!



I've got the chance to purchase one of these for around $400 and that seems like a fairly decent deal.

Basically I'm concerned about how well this amp will keep up in a band setting. I'll mainly be playing small clubs/bars with this guy and also playing it at church. The amp is going to be mic'd, but it's gonna be keeping up with another guitarist, bassist and a drummer.

I don't need a ton of clean headroom, just going for slight break-up then getting the rest of the way with my dirt pedals.

Would the AC15 be practical for this application or should I start looking for a good deal on an AC30? (which I'm concerned about being TOO much amp for what I need)

Thanks guys!


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I think you'll be fine... I too am looking at adding one to my lineup. I'm using another 15 watt amp (Blues Jr) and it's plenty loud with bassist/drummer. In reference to another guitar player, if he's using a bigger/more powerful amp, just don't set up next to him... you'll find the smaller 1x12 15 watt amp will be great when mic'ing.


I borrowed our singer's AC15CC1 at a gig and it was fine...small club, drums, bass, not mic'd. I had the volume at about 10 o' clock, on a milk crate, master dimed. It was breaking up a bit with a Gretsch, but not a lot. Got a lot of compliments on tone that night... Pretty funny for a $400 amp.


If you don't need squeaky-clean it'll be fine.

And if you did need squeaky-clean you'd probably be looking at a Fender anyway ;)

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