AC30 Custom Classic Users- Need Quick Help ASAP For A Show

Lennox Lewis

Hi guys. I have to play a show tonight with a Vox AC30 CC with alnico blues. I want to use a Tele and Les Paul but want to avoid having to do too many adjustments to the eq and settings when I change guitars. What I want to try and do is use a Morley ab box through the effects loop:v have one channel for the Les Paul and one for the Tele (top boost and normal). I have never used the effects loop on this amp and the loop seems to have settings that I'm not familiar with. Could someone PLEASE advise me on what to have these settings at and perhaps tell me how to run this setup?
The settings in question are:
* LEVEL: -10db or +4 db ?
*Loop bypass on or off (this may be a stupid question but I want to ask anyway)

Also, If anyone has any experience doing something similar to this, your comments are very appreciated. I've never used an ab box before and am not even exactly sure how to run it/hook it up etc.

Thanks a bunch in advance for any tips to help this work. I have to set this up and use it in a few hours and am kind of desperate to make it work.


How are you hooking up the A/B box? the two guitars in and then one line to the amp? How is the effects loop involved?
I would think the best way to do this would be to plug one guitar (Tele?) into the normal channel and the other (LP?) into the top boost channel. That way you could eq each channel differently for each guitar and just turn the volume down on the guitar you weren't using.
Forgive me if i'm missing something or don't understand what you're trying to do.
This is what I would do

First - forget the loop to a/b guitars!

Use the output from the a/b box and plug into the top boost channel or use the blend channel on the AMP. Whatever you prefer.

Plug the LP into A channel- Tele into B channel. Then E.Q. the top boost channel for your les paul first!! It will probally be too bright when you switch to your tele, just use the tone knob on your tele so you can control the tele high end from your guitar!!

That's it


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