AC4 TVH Keeps blowing Fuses.


Help Needed, AC4TVH blows fuses

Hoping some one can help me, i have an AC4tvh with a vox 16ohm Cab.

at Clean Volume on the guitar with AMP turn to about 90% every thing seems ok, i tend to use it on the 1 watt setting
when i crank (by turning the volume up on the guitar ) it up so that it distorts and play a few power cords, the sound brakes up and then is blows the 125MA fuse. if i play a little lead and stay away form the base strings its ok.
soon as i move in to the lower strings same thing happens.
i have changed the fuse a couple of times, and get the same result.

I have new valves that i can put in to see if it helps but i do not want to damage them if its somthing else.

Can any one offer any ideas as to what the problem may be.

Newbee Simon

Blue Strat

Not sure if the amp requires a slow blow fuse or not, if it does, you MUST use a slow blow fuse or you'll keep blowing them. Check it out.

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