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Its funny how people perceive whatever it is that we do. This was tossed up in the blogosphere after a show we played recently in a "record store" called SWEAT.

Two nights ago Big Fun 3 played to high school teachers and children. The set was professional, structured jamming in the not often acceptable (but in this instance pretty enjoyable) jazz fusion idiom.


Pretty hilarious! Maybe that's a niche we should explore..."high school teachers and children"! :rotflmao Actually, it was a very fun gig and I thought we played well.

Have you ever overheard a stranger talking about your music or bumped into a review or blog post taht you hadn't expected? Seems like everytime that happens to me, what I hear/read is pretty different from one report to the next. This drives our A&R and promo people nuts...


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That's funny, Dexter!

Just keep playing music you love and don't worry about the teachers and children. :)


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i remember name-dropping a band i played guitar for to some hipster to see if they were just bullshitting me with our music discussion.

he said (without knowing i was in the band) that he only liked our early stuff. you can't make that **** up.


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The first review I ever received was for being an opening act at a local theatre. My wife and I had just started out as an acoustic duo. Somehow, for our 2nd gig, we lucked into this slot. The review(in the Philly Inquirer!!) the next day, ended with this.....

"(Gilmour and Fogarty) opened the show with an hour of mediocre folk music........"

I was REALLY pissed. :mad:

We had only done 35 MINUTES of mediocre folk music! :bitch


Way back in the day a local Paper in Phoenix gave us a review that was relative complimentary but said something about "the Bass players wall of sound" mind you I was playing through a 100 Watt head into 2 JBL D-140's. haha

Not too long ago a local bass player came up to me and said what kind of bass is that? To which I responded it's a Fender Precision Bass Lyte. (fretted)
He said " That's weird, I had to come look because everything you played sounded like a fretless"

I said wow thanks I really appreciate that!!!

He looked at me with a totally disgusted look of frustration, shook his head turned around an went off in a huff. I guess he thought he was insulting me. Me and the drummer laughed our asses off. :rotflmao

peace Kirk

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