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Accompaniment Software


For songwriting and jamming, I really like using a good-sounding drum track. I've bought loop libraries for use with Reaper and other DAWs, but what I really want is something that is smarter about arrangements, chord progressions, fills, etc.

I had Band-in-a-Box (in 2005?) and I understand it's progressed since then, but it was a clunky, ugly, goofy sounding beast...amazing what it could do in terms of generating basslines and melodies, but really lacking sonically and with a very unintuitive UI. And I'd like to have more control by starting with a drum groove, not picking a canned genre.

What else is out there for creating basic accompaniments to jam over? Something like a BOSS DR 880 but in software?


I know what you mean about BIAB, but I wouldn't throw out the baby with the bath water.
I haven't found anything like the DR 880 but this is my experience with BIAB:

BIAB has "Real Tracks" and "Real Drums" which are part of the more expensive packages. These replace the generic MIDI sounds with actual recorded parts that work really well and make half decent sounding backing tracks instantly. This can be kind of expensive though.

What I do to save money is generate the backing track in BIAB, export a MIDI file and import it into Logic (or Garageband). The MIDI file instantly separates into the different instruments. I then mess around with the instruments in Logic to find a good sound. If the drum sounds aren't happening for me, I use Slate Drums Custom (which is about $30) and then replace the grooves with stock midi drum loops, or program my own. The tracks start to sound a little better after that.

So it comes down to fast vs cheap. BIAB with all the tracks is a little pricey but gets decent tracks quickly. MIDI export from BIAB and finding sound in Logic is cheaper, but does take a bit more time.


There's a program out that let's you set the song arrangement, intro v,v, c, v, b, c, outro and do all sorts of tweaking to the drums but I can't think of the name of it. I even think it lets you pick a drum style based off of certain players.

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