Ace Pepper Customs Speedster amp - new demo vid


Hi everyone,
Figured this might be a better place for a demo video.
I'm thrilled to announce my new Speedster 18 amp. Essentially the Marshall 18 watt-style amp I always wanted. The cool 18 watt-style power section with my own hot-rodded 800-style preamp. Lots of killer tones in this amp, chimey cleans to killer crunch. Plays very well with your guitar's volume. A real sweetie!

1x12" combo w/ 12" Jensen Tornado speaker. Neo speaker rated for 100 watts and weighs only 4.5 lbs.
US-made Classic Tone trannys
Handmade turretboard.
2xEL84, 3x12AX7 tubes
EZ81 tube rectifier
"Class A-style" cathode biased
No negative feedback
Can be ordered in any color tolex you like.

Gain, Volume, Highs, Mids, Lows, Dark (kinda like the Vox "cut" control.)
Switches for more/less (more gain and bass in the preamp), here/there (here=American/Fendery tonestack, there=British/Marshally)

Here's my demo.

And here's here's a video from our dealer Mountian Cat Guitars

Retail price: $2250
Contact Mountain Cat Guitars to buy this wonderful amp,
Contact Ace Pepper Custom Amps directly for a custom build.

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