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Ack!! I WANT to LOVE LP's, but man, I must be finding the duds!


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Maybe you just need to try a P90 LP. Thats what finally did it for me. Whole other world tonally. raw, rich, cutting, ballsy.
I have a (lowly) 60's Tribute Studio with P90s. I think it may be the only guitar I need. I play it much more often than my completely rewired/potted Studio with Fralin humbuckers.


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I've found out over the years that I'm not really a Les Paul / humbucker fan. I've owned a nice '76 Deluxe LP and a 2005 R9, and, in the final analysis, they just were not for me.

I do know someone who owns a number of 50's and 60's Les Pauls, and I did enjoy a couple of them. But, I just prefer the Tele and Strat style guitars. I did try, though. To each his own.

So LP guys, here's to the guitars you love! :beer


I can make pretty much any guitar sound good but they've nearly always been 25.5 scale guitars, so I do wonder how I'd make a LP sound or if they are for me or not. Haven't played one in a very long time.

It's a complicated thing why some love them so much. There isn't just one reason. Some of it is the branding (similar to Marshall) and the history. Some of it is the look. Some of it is the neck style and shape, and the scale length. The tone, the humbuckers. To some people, a LP is the only guitar that has a humbucker in it, and associates LPs with HB's which makes me scratch my head. That was maybe true 50 years ago. There's millions of types of guitars/styles these days. Of different hybrids or ideas combined, sort of like the music itself.

There is a difference between LP style guitars and actual true LP's. I've always wanted to own one, maybe one day. I do worry about quality control and the price because I see a lot of complaints/comments over the years but you don't know for sure until you feel it in your hands. There is definitely some magic that happens when you pair an LP with the classic Marshall rock tone.


Seems like people generally say whatever is currently on the rack from Gibson sounds like garbage. Nobody likes a given Gibson until it's at least 5 years old, and then it magically sounds like golden amazing.

So to the OP, look for a mid-2000s Les Paul and I'm sure it will sound unbelievable. ;)


I've got several guitars with humbuckers:

This Washburn sounds AWESOME though it needs new pots. I'm not sure if you clean a pup but it could probably use that too. Lol

I'm an idiot too (like I needed to say it lol) but I DO have a LP style axe.

Not exactly the real thing, and the pups are certainly Parker. It doesn't have a lot of personality, though it's GREAT for hard rock stuff.

I've sold my USA standard strat that I had all modded up. Needed the money to fund the Fly Deluxe, and while I don't regret it, I DO! Lol



I'm thinking I'll have to wait for the guitar to come to ME, instead of the other way around, as I'm just not having much luck!
Exactly. That's the right call.

It took me a few years to find a great one. It was worth the wait.


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I feel like I'm beating a dead horse on one end and on the other I don't want his guitars to get too popular and have the prices go up but check out www.corsaguitars.com. Larry makes them by hand, you pick your specs, top, color, NECK SIZE etc...and the LCPG model just can't be beat for the money. Rediculous how good they are.
I was going to recommend Larry as well. My Corsa LP has the ring and snap of a a fender and the sustain and fatness of a great LP.

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