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Hopefully this is the right forum for this question.

I have a Martin D-15 that has stuck with me for a very, very long time. It's not overly expensive or valuable, but I swear it was made by angels. This particular instrument just rings so perfectly it's incredible and it continues to bring a smile to my face after about 15 years of playing it.

It's all mahogany with a rosewood board. Really great combination of warmth and brightness that just projects perfectly IMO. My tastes are ALWAYS changing, so it really means something that after 15 years, I'm still not tired of this guitar.

I want a pickup that will do it justice. The LR Baggs Lyric is at the top of my list right now, but wondering if there may be better and cheaper options out there. Curious as to what fellow TGP'ers have had success with particularly as it relates to all-mahogany acoustic guitars and how to accurately capture the sound of the instrument in a pickup...NOT ALTER IT!!!

Thanks in advance!


For what You want, and the added Bonus of not having to alter anything related to the Saddle, I strongly suggest the K & K Mini.... I've installed well over a Dozen w/ nothing but pleased Customers.

GM Reszel

I despise the Lyric only because it can't get loud for live playing - otherwise it sounds pretty genuine. However a big +1 to the KK - I've not heard anything I like better. Again from a live standpoint is my experience mostly, but it sounds good recorded as well. It's a very (no pun intended) pure signal. I have them in 5 of my acoustics and I use no preamp - just plugged straight into my Bose L1.

B. Howard

If you don't need a lot of head room the K&K pure mini is about the most natural sounding pickup I have heard. Though the Lyric is an excellent choice as well.

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