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As a typical gearhead, I have been buying/selling music gear for over 30years. In all that time this is the 1st time Ive ever felt compelled to publicly comment on a store's business integrity. I bought, what is for me a very expensive piece of gear --$4k-- from Matt Baker at Action Music in Arlington, VA. I never quite bonded with the piece, and so it sat for a couple of months, for the most part unused. I came to find out the piece had been modified, and really the modification was so well done that I, nor Matt knew this had taken place. It was one of those situations that unless you built the piece you really couldn't know...simple as that. Anyway, once I learned this, I informed Matt what I had learned, and basically had the expectation of hearing back "Sorry I had no idea" and that is about all...which in my experience is how many store owners out there would have dealt with it. In what I consider a display of incredible business integrity, Matt said " I want to make this right...come on in and I'll give you a full refund" Which he did!

I have always felt that when you buy from a retail store, you maybe pay a few bucks more, but you are in essence paying for that peace of mind that you are getting exactly what is advertised, and the assurance that they stand behind their products. Sadly, many store proprietor's don't understand this aspect of business, and how valuable their reputation is to continued success . Matt "gets it", and really in my experience really takes business integrity to the farthest extend that could possibly be expected! Anyway..this is not a commercial for Action Music or Matt Baker, just wanted to relay my experience publicly in case anyone may be interested in any gear they might have, but was not sure of if they would be dealing with a trustworthy operation...I would have NO issue buying high end gear from Matt again. A stand up guy in the truest sense of the word!

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I couldn't agree with you more. He really cares about his customers. I purchased a used guitar from him that turned out to have been already traded to an out of state customer. Just an oversight that it was still on the floor. Matt was willing to let me keep it, but to accommodate me, he sold me a brand new one for the same price, that IMHO was a much more attractive piece. He lost money on the deal for sure, but that's the kind of guy he is.

I'm not in love with many of the people he hires, but he and his tech Robert are two people that are above reproach.


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I agree with all of the praise above, having purchased a number of things from that shop.


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Always very positive deals with Action Music... everyone on the staff is top notch. They get some really cool vintage pieces on trade-in as well. Candy-Store. I often schedule meetings in NoVa just so I can swing by and check out the latest inventory...


Great shop! I was a customer for a few years while I was stationed in Quantico VA when I was in the USMC. I was in there every couple weeks! Matt and crew always did me right!


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Action Music has escaped me so far...I guess I need to go online and check them out. Sick off dealing with GC in Rockville and the other place in "Washington" that sells on comission and acts like they are doing you a favor.


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Stopped by just today to pick-up my Les Paul for some repairs and as always, top notch service. Recently dropped it off, told Matt is had a nasty ground hum and I had been thinking about a new set of pups. He cracked open the back plate while I was there and sure enough, SHOTTY soldering job, Anyhow, Matt said, "let me get this cleaned up, adjust the pickups and then let's make a call on new pickups." Long story short, got a call to pick up the guitar (a day earlier than promised might I add) and viola, it sounds awesome and ZERO hum!

Matt is one of the nicest guys that I've EVER met and loves what he does and it shows. And BTW, the new location (if you haven't been there lately) is awesome!


Matt is the greatest guitar and amp sales person ever. End of story. Offers great advice and is always always completely honest. Action will always be my favorite guitar store.


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I've bought a bunch from him, and sold a little to him, and he's always been completely above-board. In my experience, he always over-discloses anything he knows about. I'm 43, and Matt Baker is one of the most trustworthy people I've met in my life.

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