AD99 Mod help!


Hi guys,
I've got an ibanez ad99 and the tone that i like from it is is this one:
Delay time: 1
Feedback: 10
Effects Level:10

In other words,this is a very digital sounding, matrix-esque sound that I dig (funny coming from an analog unit.)
What I am trying to accomplish is increasing the value of the the effects level so that I can go from mildly amusing to downright hair-raising!!
Basically, can this be achieved by replacing the 1 uf, 50v caps with a different value capacitor? ie. higher vs. lower? Or are there other procedures I must take to achieve this result?
I have not had a chance to tweak the internal trim pots, but will do that tomorrow and will post my results. I just do not see that as being dramatic enough for me at this point.
Thanks in advance.

Anyone with experience w/ this?
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