Sold ADA Rocket A20R Class A Combo – “The Poor Man’s Matchless!”

This is a rare 20-watt all-tube 1x12” combo designed by Curt Emery. It is an EL34-based Class A amp, of which it is said that perhaps only 100 were ever produced. It was originally created for recording studio applications, but is often referred to as the “poor man’s Matchless.”


Along with the Bass, Treble & Midrange controls, the amp features a Bright switch, a Gain Boost for added distortion, and a Power Amp Thrust switch which essentially inserts or removes a negative feedback loop for an even wider variety of sonic choices. There is also on-board Reverb.


The condition is excellent throughout, with only a few scuffs here and there. The pilot light jewel cover is missing but the pilot light functions normally.

Additional pics here: Rocket A20R


Thanks for looking!
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