Adding foil to back of amp?

Jimmy MAck

Hey repairmen, I have an old DeArmond amp, the RT-15, that buzzes, hums and generally gets annoying. I have had noise problems with other amps in my apartment, so I can assume there are other problems.

My newer amps are fine, as long as they are tube amps.

With the Dearmond, I know I should install a 3 conductor power cord. But, will the amp be quieter if I add copper foil to the rear tube/chassis cover, to act as a shield? I know it will have to contact the chassis one way or another to conduct to ground. I've seen newer amps (Fender Hot Rod DeVille) with this, and Stratocasters have shielding under the pickguards. Also I know to make sure there are no wrong parts making contact !!!

This amp is from 1960, think Fender Tweed DeLuxe, where the open part of the chassis faces the rear of the amp.



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Has the amp ever been serviced? The cap can is 54 years old and should be changed along with a three prong power cord.

I have an R15. It has been serviced and I get no buzzing or hum. You don't need to shield the back panel.



Sure, you COULD cover the rear of the amp in foil, but I wouldn't expect much of a difference if anything at all!
What Slider313 said is right, a three prong power cord and an amp tech's eye is your best bet .....long term!

Plus, the grounding/shorting issues (slim to none if you're careful), heat trapping issues (definitely a little more concerning), Foil rattling issues, etc...... I think she needs to see the doctor, not a band-aid!

Just food for thought ....SICK amp by the way!

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