advanced pedal chain questions


not that i am advanced, but i think this may be a little complicated….

i really like the idea of the superego pedal. the ability to keep the background sounds wet and still be able to play through with the dry signal. however the problem i see is once you set the "synth sounding pad" in the background and then play the overdriven or "effected" signals, any effect will "affect" or change the synth sound you wanted to achieve (i.e. if od is before the superego, it will have an overdriven synth sound; and if od is after, the synth sound would get overdriven….right).

the only thing i could think of to accomplish this wet and dry sound using one amp would be to split the signal toward the front of chain and on the wet signal chain side have the mod, reverb, and a freeze pedal (instead of superego)….then have that wet sound blended back in at the very end of chain with a T1M type or similar blender.

am i overthinking this or is there a way to do it with the superego more simply?

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