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This is a little update from one of my earlier threads ("Need better gear...where to start?")

I really appreciated everyone's suggestions and really considered everything before jumping the gun. I decided to start with the amp. I checked out my local guitar shop, found an awesome amp and bought one brand new for cheaper off of eBay. Now I'm in the market to buy a Fender stratocaster (trying to get a used one in really good condition for around $60 which I'm hoping won't be too difficult...) Kinda wish I'd started with the guitar. I'm afraid the neck of my "Ernie Ball" is messed up b/c every string twangs when I bend up at the twelfth fret :( If anyone knows where I can get a good deal for a strat (especially if it's red/cherry) I'd seriously appreciate the tip.

Also, I know it's way too early to thinking about this, but the new TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay looks AWESOME!!! Check out Rob Chapman's really great demo of the pedal:

Jesus freak

Your EB may just need a action and/or truss rod adjustment. Also do you mean you're trying to find a strat for 600$ or 60$? 60$ won't be an easy task.

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