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  1. guitarchris76

    guitarchris76 Member

    Aug 17, 2014
    Hey guys. Over the past 2 years I have been getting more and more addicted to pedals, mainly drive pedals. Prior to that I always just plugged straight into an amp. I had mostly Mesa Boogies and the sounds were good enough that I didn't look elsewhere. However a couple years ago I heard a local guy playing a Dr Z Maz 18 with a drive pedal and I was hooked. Okay, that is the back story.

    I have been using pedal Genie for a few months and have gotten most of the Wampler pedals and a Zendrive and a Simble but am getting board. Can anyone recommend a REALLY good drive pedal. Medium to High gain preferred. I currently have a Velvet Fuzz, Dr Scientists Elements and a couple of Toadworks pedals as top on my list. I want something that will get me something different. The current pedals I own are listed below.

    -Klon KTR
    -BK Butler Tube Driver
    -Earhquaker Hoof Reaper
    -Cellestial Effects Capricorn
    -Mad Proffesor 1
    -Suhr Riot ReLoaded
    -Fulltone OCD
    -Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz
    -Boss DS1
    -MXR Classic Overdrive
    -MXR Prime Distortion
    -BYOC Thunderdrive
    -EHX East River Drive
    -EHX Hot Tubes
    -EHX Soul Food
    -EHX Big Muff

    I also have a Line 6 M13 but hate the drives so use it in the loop for delay and modulation only.

  2. cacibi

    cacibi Member

    Mar 21, 2007
    Blackout Effectors Mantra is one of my favorite med/high gain pedals.
  3. Rango

    Rango Supporting Member

    Mar 21, 2011
    The FAR side of the middle of Nowhere
    Looking down your list I see a glaring omission :omg

    Catlinbread Dirty Little Secret III :D

    It's become a "keeper" for me. ;)
  4. davepmoll

    davepmoll Member

    Jul 28, 2014
    This is my next pedal from Pedal Genie! Should be here Monday.

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