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Discussion in 'Digital & Modeling Gear' started by USMC7312, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. USMC7312

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    Feb 14, 2012
    Viera, FL

    I am looking for some advice and guidance and after reading the forum the last week or so, I can tell many of you have significant experience. I am building out my gear and would very much like to hear your thoughts. I took up playing guitar as a hobby about 18 months ago after my Marine Corps injuries took a turn for the worse and have left me pretty much stuck in my recliner with severe nerve damage to my lower spine. I am interested in hearing your advice on modeling/profiling and effects gear.

    My Gear:
    2009 Taylor T3B
    2009 Taylor Solid Body
    2010 Martin DX1
    2012 Peavey Classic 50/212

    I am looking to make a choice on effects and modeling gear. I am currently looking at the following:

    Avid Eleven Rack
    Kemper Profiling Amp
    Boss GT-100

    I have spent time evaluating a BOSS GT-10 and Line 6 POD HD 500. My opinion about these two devices are pretty much consistent with average evaluations. The GT lacks good modeling and the HD 500 sounds digital. The vast amount of patches that are publicly available for these devices were one of the biggest pros.

    My budget allows for a better choice of gear though, $1500 - $2300.

    My concern with the AVID device is the smaller number of patches available publicly. My biggest concern is the uncertainty of future commitment to the device by Avid.

    I have read a lot about the Kemper approach and it looks to be the current favorite of this forum and others. The number of patches are growing very fast and people are reporting really nice quality of tone. The device also looks to be easy to use.

    The AXEfx is a fan favorite all around and well known for quality effects but has the highest price point and low availability. Furthermore, many have described the tone as HI-Fi. The device has a moderate amount of patches publicly available.

    I understand that everyone has a different ear for what they consider good tone. That said, I would be interested in hearing how these three devices are working for you as well as what your suggestion would be.

    Quality and Longevity of Product
    Extensability of device
    Compatability with other devices
    Any quirks or oddities associated with the devices
  2. 02Singlecut

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    Jun 9, 2006
    First off, from one Vet to another. TY for your service and sorry to hear about your injuries!!

    I owned an 11R since they became available. It's a great unit !!! I wouldn't worry too much about support from Avid. There's tons of users presets out there on another forum. It was the best home practice rig I've ever owned. It sounds great with powered studio monitors as well with headphones. There's tons of used ones out there on the market at about 1/2 of what you're looking to spend.

    I just bought a used AxeFx Ultra and MFC101! It AMAZING!!!! I'm just learning it and will be using it live very soon! I got into it for around $1800.00 for everything.
  3. jeff5x0

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    Jan 22, 2011
    I cant tell ya what to get. I got the Pod HD 500 when it came out. I hated it. I know alot of people love it, but I just couldnt get along with it. So took it back and got the Elevenrack. I just sold and shipped my Elevenrack today, I loved it. I used it live and in the studio with great success. Its a little limited on amps and effects, but what is in there all sounds stellar. I got the Kemper this past Tuesday and it is just amazing. So real, so warm, so raw, so easy to use. I have never owned an Axe, but people who do swear by them. If there wasnt such a large difference in price between the Axe 2 and the Kemper I might have gotten the Axe. I dont think you can go wrong with an Elevenrack, but the Axe and Kemper take it to a new level. I understand that the Axe2 will have profiling capabilities as well in the near future. Its just a really fun time to be a guitar player or studio engineer.

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