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A guy wants to sell me a 1967 Martin D28. I haven't seen it yet, however he says it is mint, with hang tags etc.

When he told me this I thought it probably needs a neck reset if no one has ever played it much.

I also understand that this era had some neck reset issues.

I asked him if it needed a neck reset and he said he felt it was close to needing it.

I was wondering if anyone can give me an opinion on what to expect for a guitar of this era. Is the neck reset a big issue, and what should I expect in respect to the impact on value.

The seller said he felt they were going for $6k to $7k on ebay but he didn't expect to get that much.

lastly when did brazillian fretboards finish. Would a 67 be brazillian?


David Collins

Neck resets and often refret to straighten neck are common issues to be expected on many of these. If it needs it then it needs it, and a D-28 that has had a good neck reset will be worth more than one that needs a neck reset. The board should still be rosewood, but one of the things I would be curious about would be the bridge plate. That was right around the time they switched from the small maple to the larger rosewood plate.

If you can buy it with an approval period, take it right to your tech and have it evaluated for these things. If it's a person to person final sale with no return options, I recommend pricing it with all the potential common repairs factored in. If it does need a refret and neck reset you come out okay, and if it doesn't then you come out even better. Either way, that era Martin is a good investment if the price is fair.

There are no particular issues that come to mind with Martin neck resets from that period. Should be fairly standard.


Have a look around this site for some of the things to look for:

Also, get the serial number and look that up at this site. It'll tell you if if early '67 or late '67, when the cut-off was for the small bridge plate.

BTW, good luck with that Martin--I just got a '67 D-18 and am delighted!


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A '67 will be Brazilizan. Neck resets are what? $500? On a guitar of the caliber it's not a huge deterrent but get a hold of a good tech first.


D28's have ebony bridge and fingerboard (at least my '65 does). the last of the Brazilian back and sides was used in '69. I believe the pickguards became an issue around '67- they all curled up and fell off (and continued to do so for many years after, even though Martin was well aware of the problem). If it has the black pickguard, it may be an issue, but not a big deal to fix. My obligatory reset/refret/reglue bridge would have been in the neighborhood of $800 back in '94, but most of it was covered by warranty. I watch this era D28 on ebay so I can estimate the value of mine. They are constantly going up in price, but I think the $6-$7K value estimate is a bit high, but probably not for long.

Bottom line is if you love the sound of a rosewood/spruce dred, it doesn't get much better than an old D28.
Konavet got it right. The Bridge and fingerboard of the guitar WILL be ebony, and the back and sides WILL be Brazilian rosewood. The pickguards were put on before the finish, and the pickguard shrank, and the tops would split near the pickguard. '67 was the year for the changed pickguard, I believe, but I'm not real sure. Not sure about the big ol' rosewood bridgeplate, either. It was brought in pre-adjustable necks, to keep the top more stable. Before spending a bunch on a neck reset (Which this, and ALL non-adjustable Martins will need), check the saddle height. There may be enough there to take down, and still maintain a good break angle.
Enjoy a great guitar!!!

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