Advice Needed: Twin Rev for 70's Pro Rev?


I am looking into a possible trade: The trade is a four year old Twin Reverb for a 70's silver face pro reverb. I hear the Pro Reverbs are awesome. I am not a expert on amps so I seek the advice from this forum.




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If you have a reissue twin, then go do this now, today, hurry, while are you still reading this thread!

Seriously, twins are nice amps, but to me, trading straight up for a 70s pro is a great deal. Pro's are handwired amps, great club amps, can do rock with a pedal.

I had a 66 pro that was a great amp. They are lighter, and break up sooner, if that's what you want.

For me the deal maker is you're getting a handwired amp that will probably rise in value.


yeah, if it fires up and makes sound, then make the trade and smile.

BUT, keep in mind it's a 30+ year old amp, and you probably should march it straight to a tech and have it gone through. A little preventative maintenance will get you a long way. Filter caps and such age, and if they haven't been replaced yet it's likely they will.

FWIW I got my '66 pro reverb about 10 years ago and it sounded like *crap*. A few new parts and a fresh set of tubes and it's been my gigging amp ever since.

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