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Advice Needed: Twin Rev for 70's Pro Rev?


I am looking into a possible trade: The trade is a four year old Twin Reverb for a 70's silver face pro reverb. I hear the Pro Reverbs are awesome. I am not a expert on amps so I seek the advice from this forum.




Senior Member
If you have a reissue twin, then go do this now, today, hurry, while are you still reading this thread!

Seriously, twins are nice amps, but to me, trading straight up for a 70s pro is a great deal. Pro's are handwired amps, great club amps, can do rock with a pedal.

I had a 66 pro that was a great amp. They are lighter, and break up sooner, if that's what you want.

For me the deal maker is you're getting a handwired amp that will probably rise in value.


Silver Supporting Member
But check it out first for any obvious issues.


yeah, if it fires up and makes sound, then make the trade and smile.

BUT, keep in mind it's a 30+ year old amp, and you probably should march it straight to a tech and have it gone through. A little preventative maintenance will get you a long way. Filter caps and such age, and if they haven't been replaced yet it's likely they will.

FWIW I got my '66 pro reverb about 10 years ago and it sounded like *crap*. A few new parts and a fresh set of tubes and it's been my gigging amp ever since.

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