Advice on humbucking solidbodys.

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    Jun 11, 2012
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    I may be on the lookout for a solidbody, double cut guitar with humbuckers if the right instrument comes along.

    I still haven´t found a left handed Les Paul Traditional Double Cut - or any lefty LP DC with HB´s - but I´ve found two interesting guitars that I consider buying and now I turn to You TGP:ers for advice.

    There is one ESP II Mystique out for sale on ELG (displayed on Ebay) and one used PRS CU22 on Ebay and I wonder:

    1) Is there anyone with experience of ESP II´s? What are they like playing and quality-wise?

    2) How are PRS 1999´s in quality and PU:s?

    3) Which one would I choose, and why?

    Any advice and input is most thankfully recieved :drink

    Here are the links:

    The ESP II:

    The PRS:

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