ADVICE? The scratchy patch cable problem

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  1. Lucky Dog Guitars

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    Nov 28, 2006
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    I dont play as much anymore & my pedal board often sits for weeks at a time.

    Ive noticed lately when I plug it up, I may get a weak signal sometimes & when I start checking my cables there will be multiplies that sound scratch as I twist them in the input/output jacks of the pedals... 6-7 good twists & it seems to clean them right up.

    Are they getting some kind of oxidation/corrosion from sitting?

    Any recommendations on preventing this.. and/or proper stuff to clean the cable & the input/output jacks with?
  2. TweedBassman

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Milford, CT
    get some DeoxIT cleaning spray. use it on the cable ends and then ram the cables in and out of the pedals to remove and clean off the oxidation on the jacks. wait for it to dry thoroughly and you should be good.
  3. 8len8

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    Dec 25, 2010
    It might sound odd, but check your AC power. My band practices at a place where the power is dirty and it causes random scratchy sounds that seem to go away when I play with my pedalboard cables. I don't have this problem at any other location.
  4. DaveKS

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    Feb 26, 2013
    Deoxit gold, use qtip and go in and scrub contact point in pedals and also clean/coat your plugs with it. Just a thin coat, it is a conductive liquid so if you get it dripping it can short. It removes light oxidation, and leaves behind a nice barely oily, conductivity enhancing coating that also almost completely stops future corrosion. I use it for guitar plugs/jacks, stereo/RCA, computer and power connectors, even use a coat on power plugs as they go in outlets. There's a special high temp version which is what I use that's safe on hot tube pins in your amp for same protection. Look up Caig Vacuum Tube Survival kit.

    Use qtips for 1/4 plugs/jacks, go to pharmacy or walmart get some of the small dental proxy brushes and you can do contact points inside RCA on back of fender amps, stereos and DC power plugs and jacks, can even get into USB plugs with them. I've fixed flaky footswitch contacts and mini dip switches that were giving me problems with it, and the problem stay gone.

    Just a light coat, I use dropper bottle or it also comes in a little nail polish type bottle. Even use spray on car battery terminals. Stuff is awesome, can't recommend it enough.

    [​IMG]. [​IMG]

    GX2 is high temp version is what I use most, all amps tube pins/sockets coated with it.

    For this type of light coat thing you don't want the spray, keep it on the metal contact points.
  5. Adagietto

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    Feb 10, 2012
    Area 52
    +1 on DeoxIT Gold. The new Gx3 looks promising. I'd suggest cleaning with DeoxIT D-Series first since you're having problems. D-Series cleans better, Gold protects better.

    It might make sense to clean both plugs and jacks with D-series in order to make sure you get all of the grunge out. Gold can be applied just to the plugs as it will migrate to the jacks. Don't worry, DeoxIT will not actually short anything out (per Caig).

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