Advice Wanted on OD/Dist/Boost Stacking!


A bit of background:

I'm a semi-pro who teaches guitar for a living. I've traded around gear for years now. I've owned three Axe-Fx and pedal setups and lots of other gear setups. Like most of you, I'm almost continually in a state of gear transition!

One thing that is new to me is tube amps. I've owned only two (Egnater and Kustom). I never really understood the whole tube/SS debate but now it's becoming a bit clearer why people like tubes so much. So now I am going with a pedal and 15W tube amp setup.

My question revolves around gain stacking. Right now I have an EP Booster -> OCD, and I love the sound - very touch sensitive too.

I tried out an AC booster and Blackstone OD with these. Neither seemed to work with the OCD. It came out all fuzzy and gross. I sort of just expected them to feed into each other well, especially after the good reviews these pedals get.

I guess I'd like some *general* advice on how to effectively pair OD/Dist/Boost pedals with each other. Is it a matter of just experimenting more? Or is there a general idea behind this? I'm having trouble finding advice on this topic on the 'net. Should certain pedals not be paired with each other? Which should go first in the chain? How much can you stack them? Etc etc...



I'm not really much of an expert on stacking OD's since I never really do it, but I do own an OCD and I can definitely see where you're coming from when you said it was "fizzy" when stacked with other pedals.

Mine does the same thing if I try stacking it...I think it may just be the nature of the OCD's circuit or possibly the settings you're using on the pedal that make it fizzy (too much gain = yuck!). Just my $0.02 :)


I've got an OCD and it works magically with my Egnater Tweaker. On good word from this forum I've got a Fulldrive II mosfet incoming to stack with it. Should arrive next week. I can let you know how it goes when I do :)
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