FS ***** Aiken Intruder Custom 50w/20w Head with Roadcase ***** $1550 + shipping

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    Jan 8, 2006
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    One-Of-a-kind Aiken Intruder Head that can be run at 50w with EL34’s or 20w with 6v6’s. You just have to flip the toggle switch in its respected position and properly bias the amp. Serial #10 and covered in custom purple tolex with bluesbreaker cloth. The amp is in excellent (maybe mint) condition and has lived most of its life in the roadcase. I’m selling because I’ve got too much gear and need to let go of some things to put towards a new roof. The amp comes with the heavy duty roadcase and with NOS EL34’s installed.

    $1550 + shipping!

    I accept PayPal (if you cover the fee), Venmo, Cash app, check, money order.

    The only trades I’m interested in: Celestion Creamback H75 16 ohm, Celestion Greenback Chinese G12M 16 ohm, Celestion G12H30 8 ohms, Himmelstrutz Fitzo+ or Nord+.


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