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Album firsts...let’s make a list


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I think Page said that he invented backwards echo and used it for the the first time on You Shook Me on LZ I.


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imho: majority of the tommy theme blended the songs into the next song. (kinda like "pepper").

Wiki quote: " Originally understood as an entirely sung piece, in contrast to a play with songs". That is kinda my interpretation of an "opera"
OK, I'll go back and dust off my LP and listen to it!

[I do qualify...boomer!]


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First use of lasers in concert lighting - ELO, 1978.
Funny how firsts get established and become unchallenged received wisdom even when they're obviously incorrect.

I don't know who may be first but Zeppelin were using lasers as far back as 1975. I think the infamous pyramid was established in 1977 but this is what comes up for 1975.

Further date-verification to show it was used at Earl's Court in 75.


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