Alesis Microverb I ... Cool!



After waiting a few days, my new-old original Microverb came in the mail today. I have an Earthquaker Ghost Echo that is really neat sounding with a cleaner amp, but it just didn't work in front of my new amp, which also has no fx loop. Brian Ray, one of Paul McCartney's guitarists, mentioned in a video that he runs an original Microverb in front of his amp and loves it, so I figured I'd try one out... they're cheap! It sounds a bit quirky, but in a good way IMO. It doesn't get too compressed by the amp, and the verb is there just enough but not too much. There is a bit of high end loss, but it's not a problem with a bright amp. I kinda like it better than bypassed.

(With a Marshall channel switch as a temporary reverb defeat)


The original Microverb I was the best one IMHO. They had limited bandwidth. But I happen to like a darker/ warmer verb over anything bright. It's hall algorithm is not of the level of the Lexicon LXP-1 that was out of that same 80's time frame... but certainly a fine solution for most apps. And yes, very reasonable nowadays.

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