Alesis Microverb II question


Hi folks

I have one of these that I have had for many years and was wondering if anyone knows whether the dry signal path is analog or digital or if there is a way to tell apart from the obvious listening test? Specs for later units such as the Nanoverb mention an analog dry path but I can't find anything for this one.

I have just tried playing guitar with the unit before my amp and and I can't seem to hear any digital nastiness and I am quite picky. There is a slight change of tone but nothing that can't be rectified with tweak of amp tone controls, I certainly wouldn't call it degradation, likely just a result of different impedances.

I don't have any loops but was just wondering what a stereo image would sound like with my two tweaked Blues Juniors rather than dual mono via my spluffer or Arion stereo delay. There are some really nice reverb selections on the Microverb.

Thanks in advance for any advice

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